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X-Men Apocalypse Movie Trailer #1


I was skeptical about this movoie going in and honestly even the trailer looks like all the movies just rehashed.  Villian, followers, people standing up to him, blah blah blah… Makes me feel like I’ve seen it already.  “Oh, how are the x-men going to pull this off?”  Also the line the lady says about the bible stealing the idea from him… so fucking cliche imo….  BUT it still looks decent enough to see.

Gotta say I was wondering how they’d do his costume and think they did a good job.  Sometimes, a few times, I’ve watche some movies and I think the villian makes more sense than the hero whoes just a symbol of the status quo.  Sometimes change is better, sometimes it would be better to create a new world on the ashes of the last.  They need more movies where the villians win.  Could they make this a two parter where Apoc(I like to call him Apoc) wins and the xmen go hide then in part two they come back and whoop ass?  Yeah, they could.  Like the run of Age of Apocalypse comic run that Marvel did a long time ago.  Then again, Marvel doesn’t own these and that tool Greg Millar has a hand in these somewhere.  Soo..  not surprised really.

As a trailer alone I’d give it a solid B.