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Joes Scratch Notes on Homemade Rules

These are just some ideas and scratchings of notes and things I’ve put together of the system I think I’d want to either run or play in.  Super easy, lots of wriggle room for the room, rules light, etc etc.  Its way way alpha but like I said, these notes are just the base of what would go into my system.  And yes I did get some of these from places around.  Just thought I’d share.


Players don’t die and can’t be ressed during combat, only after combat.  They don’t die but they are ressed with a crippling affect like dismemberment or disfigurement, etc. – KO, disfigure, broken bones(stats take negatives), etc

Usage Die – Any consumable has a usage die associated.  When the item is used the die is rolled, if a 1-2 is rolled, the die is reduced in this chain: d20>d12>d10>d8>d6>d4 – when 1-2 is rolled on d4 the item is expended.

If warrior is holding a sheild they can use shield shovey splintered to shatter the shield negating all damage.

If the PC takes actions favored by that alignment the Allegiance score of appropriate alignment(s) goes up by a few percentage points. E.g. Saving a village and meting out justice would increase Law, murder and mayhem would increase Chaos, and preserving the natural world would increase Balance. Actions could also decrease Allegiance, especially if favored by an opposing power. When one Allegiance score outpaces all others and reaches 100%, the Power(s) behind that Alignment may give the character special abilities … and missions to fulfill.


Initiative Sequence:

Describe the setup and the scene.

Describe your actions and what you want to do.

For all actions roll 1d10 (2d6?) + bonus for (1) feat – http://rumkin.com/reference/dnd/diestats.php

  •        1 = Fail miserably
  •        2-5 or 2-7? = Pass with consequence
  •        6-9 or 8-9? = Pass
  •        10 = Overwhelming success
  •        Difficulty Rating: GM can call for a difficulty rating based on how hard the action would be. IE; you wouldn’t be able to actually attack and hit a god.

(((DUNGEON WORLD – 10+, the player gets a full success and it’s all good. On a 7-9, it’s a partial success; they don’t get everything they wanted or they’ll get what they want, but have to sacrifice something else. On a 6 or lower, they’ve failed.))) Continue reading Joes Scratch Notes on Homemade Rules