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Random d100 Plot Generator

d% Plot

Yup. About sums it up.

1–2 Greed or Glory: PCs hear about a dungeon nearby and how no one dares enter it.

3–4 Raiding Monsters: Monsters or evil humanoids attack farmsteads and must be stopped.

5–6 Treasure Hunt: An NPC has a treasure map.

7–8 Guards: PCs hired to protect merchant caravan through dangerous terrain.

9–10 Seek: Locate missing important NPC.

11–12 Destroy: Purge a dungeon of monsters.

13–14 Underwater Exploration: Map area of sea and explore inland for suitable settling areas.

15–16 Mine: Search underground for rich vein of ore or a legendary cache of gems.

17–18 Protect: Enhance village defenses and train locals to defend themselves from an impending threat.

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