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Comic Review – Cubicles

I have to say this like 85 page b/w comic is a fun and quick read that feels just a tinge like Scott Pilgrims first GN(when imho, it was still good). I’d say it is anime inspired or whatnot.

The main guys are even named Wally and Ost, which I can only presume is a take on the authors name, Walter Ostlie. It works. This has a decent amount of imagination and pretty decent plot really which involves corporate takeover, space pirates, a space squid and universal domination none-the-less.

cubicles comic
Cubicles is about two dudes.. in space!

I love light little things like this for a transition read when I need to shift from some genre to a completely different one. Like serious to funny, or super hero to french survival or something.

Art wise, its not bad. Some of it looks like a sketch book and theres lots of action shots but I think its kind of funny when it comes to drawing women you can tell the guy takes just a bit longer to put some more details in. It did make those single panels stand out to me more which I think was a decent touch I guess. Not sure they were going for that, but anyways…

I would definitely read more from this guy and I appreciate the work of the people that do these scanlations. European comics that I’ve read are almost always pretty good. Definitely a lot more fantasy/sci-fi based tons less super-hero-ish stuff over there.

cubicles comic
Being chased by a space squid is the wurst!

Comic Review – Concrete

I’ve only read the first volume(issues 1-10) of Concrete by Paul Chadwick and I have to says its really original and it fit exactly the taste I was looking for at the time.

Well written, kind of noir-ish. A guy turns into an .. alien.. kind of thing and the government sponsors his travels and adventures. Its kind of like detective stories in that he starts out doing something and usually uncovers something. Its also kind of a (I forget the word) bad luck hero where he’ll come across something he really wants but loses it in the end due to circumstances. Like he pines after the biologist lady who has to follow him but he’s alien and I think shes got the hots for someone else kind of deal which adds to the stories appeals I think.

I will say that, for whatever reason, this comic book really made me want to climb the Himalaya’s and look into the history of it. It made me wonder if he’s been to Nepal or how much he’s read because he talks about shaving bark off the trees which makes sense.

Really good non super hero brand stories. Fairly older but I’ve heard Concrete might be coming back, Dark Horse Presents had an issue with a new story(which was also good) in the past year. Art is good. I do plan to read more of the series.

concrete comic art
Concrete Splash Art – IN YOUR FACE!

Comic Review – Fear Agent

So I’ve read Fear Agent(by Rick Remender and various artists including Tony Moore) over the last month or so and overall I have to says its pretty good and sometimes, pretty darned good except for, in my opinion, a bit of a lull for 2-3 issues around 7-10 or so.

If I could compare it to something a bit more mainstream I’d say the overall premise is something like Cowboy Bebop but in Fear Agent the plots revolve around more… situational events, like being thrown back in time or getting stuck on planets or something.

fear agent comic art
Beware the agent of fear… who will crash land on your planet and mess with your stuff.

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