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The Backwater Gospel

I want to share with you something I found sometime ago that I found as an inspiration to implement into a campaign or side quest or something.  Take a watch…

I had to watch that a couple times in a row because its just a very well done video.  Very stylized and all that.

Now this video gave me the thought of what if….  the PC’s rolled into town in the middle of this or at the beginning of this and had to interact with this town?

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Random adventure hooks

  • Rumor of a guy trying to make a cult.  Named Jesus.  Says his dad is a god.  Religious leader says Your job is to verify, infiltrate and do what must be done.  Are they a threat? Think OK then find out got weapon. Gonna kill everyone who doesn’t believe in his father.  Double trapped
  • Dungeon comic sewer cleanup. Petty Criminals paying off debt sent to clean sewer system.  Find an entire ecosystem from the sludge backup. Flushed out wrong forced out of town.  Guards sent along.
  • During camp night see falling star that crashes down few miles away.  Get there and bug? Creatures are setting up camp. Attack? During fight scouts bringing humans back attack you. Go into rock, Bigger on inside than outside. And?
  • Traps, trap inside trap, sun beams to mirrors, triggered doors, invisi doors, swinging guilltones, invisible bridge, riddles, floor tile puzzles, music, bleeding door, falling illusory wall
  • Live out movie plots. Good plots? Bar scene lotr, bar scene SW, rancor pit idea,
  • A Plague spreads like wildfire through the city, turning people into Zombies
  • Some strange people are looking for love in the worst possible places
  • An ancestral inheritance threatens to very balance of the City
  • Lovecraft house story. Come in guy upstairs,blood drips people go upstairs the house changes the house drains mental energy from people going crazy. Dungeon w family(cultists) remains under house(destroy to get out)
  • Secret Agent from the Surface tries to steal City’s greatest secret
  • A rampaging Dragon bursts from underneath the City’s looking for his Blanky
  • The Devil rises at Dawn!  Asmodeus makes his move on the City.

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