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Ideas for NPCs

I’ve been collecting a little list of some NPC characters for awhile.  Just a little blurb about them to flesh them out and give them some bones.  Some are more interesting than others.  Use as you will.  First, must get this disclaimer out of the way first.  =)


The unhappily married warrior who has recently suffered a series of setbacks. She has more allies than enemies. Rumors say that she should not be trusted around master artisans. She can usually be found at work.

The upwardly mobile politician who recently suffered a suspicious accident. She has many allies. Rumors say that she is easily irritated by socialites. She can usually be found among a group of supporters.

The old money military official who is beloved by the people. She has few open enemies. Rumors say that she has great admiration for wizards. She can usually be found in a certain tavern.

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