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Pillars of Eternity Maps pt.2




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RPG / Table Top / Roll20 Maps Directory.

Welcome welcome folks.  This is my proud collection of “Battle Maps” or rpg maps, or table top gaming maps or, honestly, I’m not sure what the technical name for them is.. but non-the-less here they are.

I’ve gotten these for a large variety of sources and it took me sometime to find what it here.  For this I want to apologize, I can not credit all the sources of these maps.  I got a majority from a few sources(gaming map sites for instance) but I also searched places like Deviantart or just Google Image search, so there are some personalized images peppered throughout(See disclaimer at the bottom)  I didn’t take everything though.  I took what I thought would be good and useful.  I also found some great RPG / table top gaming resources that I’ll share at the end of this.

These are mostly to be used on places like Roll20 r any virtual top table gaming site.  Or some are quite big and may be able to print out.

Lets get the the show on the road.

Autobots, roll out!

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38 Birds Eye Maps from Witcher 3

I haven’t had the time to really dig into doing this yet but I hope to eventually because the world they created in Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is just awesome.  I haven’t found many dungeons that work to well in table top but I haven’t really started exploring either.

So this is the first batch of Witcher 3 in game screenshots to use as combat maps or whatever you want to use them for.  Should be about 38 images in this batch.  Please note when you click the image you should be a little bi-line above the image with a little + magnifier on it.  Click that for the full image.

Also, if you have preferences fr any kinds of maps you’ll want just let me know and I can try to find something that will work.  Just leave a comment.

witcher3 2015-09-12 00-00-23-59

witcher3 2015-09-11 23-55-51-34

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Maps? Maps!

Hi, my names Joe. Uh, I guess I have to say why I’m here…  I’m .. a bit of a map junky.  ITS NOT A PROBLEM I SWEAR!  Its just that I see good maps and I’m like, “I gotta add that to my collection.”

Why you ask?  Because I’ve played D&D table top in the past an I think the maps are what bring the world to life and just add that element t the game that nothing else can.  Plus its hard to find good maps that really open the world to you.

Now I’ll be honest, I’ve never DM’d but I know I wanted to sometime ago and I sat and thought about it.  I can envision a world, and I can envision things going on in this world but what I can’t do is just create this visual for the players.  This gave me a quest.  A quest for maps.  A quest for maps that relate to each other and create a fluid world where one can lead into the next without having to explain away things.

This lead me to video games.  Yes, what I’m describing is basically video game worlds.  Well, theres the secret.  Theres a million video games with a million worlds already created.  So I’ve went and harvested a LOT f those for you and put them all in one place.  Plus I’m going to be adding more as my time allows(father of 3, works full time, blah blah blah) so hpefully there will be a batch added every week or so for quite some time.

Without further ado, to start your delve into this dungeon, head on over to the maps page, which can also be found in the top right corner as a drop down menu.  Hopefully you can find something useful.