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The Tree of Religion

tree of religion

Click for the full size.  If you still can’t read the text (on Chrome at least) HOLD the CTRL button and scroll your mouse wheel in t zoom in.

This is an image called The Tree of Religion.  Its a print for sale somewhere.  I don’t want t call this an RPG resource but it could be used for one for world creation as you can see how things are entertwined and see how things have evolved.

I’m not going to begin trying to explain this beast but I think its very interesting to look at and just kind of soak in what you see.  Its interesting also to see where the foot of the trees start and where they end up.

A lot of history in that right there.  A lot of fighting in the history of religion too.  One co-worker once asked me what did Christianity ever do that was so wrong and I just asked if she ever heard of the crusades.  …. Yeah…  Anyways.. Theres the image.