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Downtime Phases

The GM tells you when you have downtime available and how many days you can use for downtime. For example, after returning to town after a long adventure, if the GM says you have 10 days before you need to travel to the capital for the princess’s coronation ceremony, you may use those 10 days for downtime activities.

You typically have a fair amount of control when it comes to starting and ending a downtime session. With the GM’s approval, you may start a downtime session whenever you enter a settlement and end it whenever you leave that settlement. You or your GM might devise downtime activities you can perform only once per downtime session, so the GM may decide that you can’t start and end multiple downtime sessions in a row just to allow yourself to perform those activities more than once. Continue reading Downtime Phases

Down Time Activities

This section provides many examples of activities you can undertake during downtime. Some of these are new, and others expand on options from the Core Rulebook or other sourcebooks to explain how those activities relate to the downtime rules. Some downtime activities allow you to spend Goods, Influence, Labor, or Magic.


If you’re a magus or wizard, you can spend 1 day of downtime to copy up to eight spells from other sources into your spellbook (see Spells Copied from Another’s Spellbook or a Scroll on page 219 of the Core Rulebook). If you’re an alchemist, you can use this option to add new formulae to your formula book. If you’re a witch, you can use this option to add spells to your familiar. You may spend Magic toward the cost of copying spells.


You can use your downtime capital to create a building that suit your needs, such as a temple, guildhall, or mage tower. You construct a building out of component rooms that allow you to configure the building exactly how you want it.

How much capital you can spend per day is limited by the size of the settlement you’re in. Once you’ve spent the total capital and time needed to finish your building, it’s complete and you can use it immediately.

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