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Casanova Comic Review

Thoughts: I read what I believe are the first two “albums.” Issues 1-14. Written by Matt Fraction and art by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. He calls them albums instead of story arcs.

This is another one of those where I sat on it a long time, read the first couple pages a couple times and had a general idea of what it was about. Well I finally got to it and I can say that it stays about what I thought it was about for the first album or so, so the first 7 issues or so. Then it takes a turn and I think it takes yet another turn after that. This is all what I feel though because after like 6 issues I thought I knew the jist of what was going on and kind of how it was going to play out but things change in what I thought was an unexpected way and your still trying to figure the angles in your own head of where the author is going to go but I got to around issue 10 or so and I just stopped doing that because it got to be a bit pointless. Its a comic that has the premise of double-triple agent espionage type stuff and it follows through on that end and issues 1-7(called Luxuria) are pretty good as they are kind of missions that Casanova has to do but WASTE has a counter mission to do. So they are kind of like tv episodes and self contained stories that do carry over and I enjoyed these stories, for the most part. Continue reading Casanova Comic Review