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RPG Battle Maps / Stuff (Click Here)

Welcome welcome folks.  This is my proud collection of “Battle Maps” or rpg maps, or table top gaming maps or, honestly, I’m not sure what the technical name for them is.. but non-the-less here they are.

I’ve gotten these for a large variety of sources and it took me sometime to find what it here.  For this I want to apologize, I can not credit all the sources of these maps.  I got a majority from a few sources(gaming map sites for instance) but I also searched places like Deviantart or just Google Image search, so there are some personalized images peppered throughout(See disclaimer at the bottom)  I didn’t take everything though.  I took what I thought would be good and useful.  I also found some great RPG / table top gaming resources that I’ll share at the end of this.

These are mostly to be used on places like Roll20 r any virtual top table gaming site.  Or some are quite big and may be able to print out.

Lets get the the show on the road.

Autobots, roll out!

Avatars – Little icons of what you want your character guy to look like.


Monsters Avatars – As above… but mostly monster related goodness here.  Good enemies make stronger PC’s imo.


Arenas – Theres less then I’d like, but I’ll work on that.  These are just what it says.  Arenas.  Think Roman Coliseum.  The big showdown.

castle Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete - Blue Spire

Boats & Water (NOT Harbor towns) – This is boats & water… yeah… just boats .. and just water.  Still, theres a lot of action to be had out there.

31 - gbvD1

Deserts(NOT Desserts, which are delicious!) –  For those out there that like it dry and hot and sandy and enjoy mummies.. probably.. but not their mommies, thats a different thing, but whoes to say they don’t like their mommies, maybe they do, maybe they don’t, I don’t know…. anyways….


From the Future – Space age future-y sound effect goes here.


Outposts & Jails  – Think 1800’s frontier. Forts, Jails, Outposts, oh my.




Fortresses & Dungeons – The meat & potatoes.  The reason most of us are here.  Whats at the bottom?  What secrets does this place hold?  What challenges await?


Mazes & Interiors – Don’t ask me why I put these two together.  Something like they are all interiors.  Who knows?  These are mazes and interiors of buildings.  Inside bars, houses… whatever..


Forests & Jungles

198 My Two Favorite People Background

Islands – This is islands.  Not boats & water.  These are special I thought but could be moved into boats and water but then its be boats, water & island, and I can’t have that.  I’d have to go edit a LOT of stuff and I don’t want to do that so just leave me alone about it man, come ON!!  Just accept this is islands and only island maps.


Castles – Castle maps.  Interior & Exterior shots.  Hoping to find some more


Occult & Temples – Religious type places


Roads – Meeting someone on a road?




Sewers – Sadly, a bit hard to find these but oh so vital on those prison/castle escape plans


Shacks & Manors – For the Lords and the Ladies and the old coots and coggers and that ever illusive hag that keeps bothering the town


Snow Covered – Mountains, roads, forests, snow.  All over it.

157 The Chamber of Frozen Blades Background

Steampunk / Victorian – Can’t go wrong with throwing some steam punk in there somewhere.




Native Village Maps – Like tribes of people.  Smaller than a town, bigger than 1 person.  Although I’m not sure how many it takes t classify a native village…


Town or City Maps – mostly Exteriors.  Like alley ways and block maps type stuff.  Town encounters.


Mountain Maps

Overworld – Contenients, worlds, whirleds.  For the big picture.


Harbors (It is its own category, yes.) – Yes I should just throw these all into a water category but it ain’t gonna happen man…  At least not for awhile.


Underground & Planar Maps – Think lava.  Think not of this realm.  These are kind of hard to find also so hope to go dig for more sometime.

127 The Jiggler Background

Then theres the series of games for consistency of maps…  I plan to include The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt as maps very soon.  I’ve been waiting to get this page done before I wanted to add those in.  Also possibly planning on using Fallout 4.  I also have SOME Breath of Fire maps in but I need to look through those and edit them possibly.

Final Fantasy Series & Chrono Trigger Maps & Screenshots


Icewind Dale & Baldurs Gate Maps & Screenshots

061 - uLzsJ

Tactics Ogre (VERY minecrafty looking) – Very blocky and tactical


Real Photos – Some real life photos that I thought were kind of interesting and could be used effectively…




If anyone has any problem with any of these maps I have in this gallery of sorts just email me.  Please send me why you want it taken down and the link and title of the image.  You should be able to find the contact me link on the About Us page up top.

May our words bless you!