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Everything I Know about Star Citizen – UPDATED Alpha 2.2

Become a Citizen of the Stars!

Alpha 2.2 is looking quite interesting folks.  Check the bottom for the patch notes.  UPDATED 2-21-16: Read towards the bottom for the couple things I’ve found out while playing.

I’ve been watching this for awhile.  Its been kickstarted, then went on to build its own site and the funding has seemed to skyrocket since then.  Whether its a scam or not is up for debate since they seem to just make money selling ships.  I’m also one of those people who don’t really like that end of this situation but honestly, if people want to put the money down to help fund the game I have no problem with it.  I have asked around and been told that everything everyone is buying is offered in game with in game money.  You just have to earn it.  So everything they are getting you can get too for $40ish.

This game is made by the same guy who foreran(?) the space combat games when you were a kid.  Chris Roberts.  That explains why the company is called;

I guess its a cool name. Could be worse.

Roberts Space Industries Site

I really don’t have any question that this game will happen, and honestly, if for some strange reason it doesn’t, I’m not out that much in the grand scheme of things and again, I still get to play what I can that they offer in their alphas and such.  I gotta say this game is beautiful game.  Just beautiful and its everything EVE Online should’ve been.  They are trying to create an actual universe.  Take a look at some of the videos at the bottom.  You will be able to launch from a space station and land on a planet seamlessly then go straight into the base into first person shooter to rescue a hostage or take down a pirate base.

I mean look at these crazy ass stretch goals!

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