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The Walking Dead comic review #75-99

First…. SPOILERS BELOW!!!! If you have not read up to 99 I will be talking about the plots/etc.

So, I stopped reading Walking Dead after around issue like 75. I recently picked up from there as I’ve been waiting for 100 to roll around as I figured a nice round 25 issues and 100 would probably have some shit going down in it, knowing Kirkman.


I think I reviewed Walking Dead previously and I think I still stand by that review. I don’t remember the old arc titles but I thought when the hill billies were going to rape Carl(I’m a father) that crossed a line, a very plain line and that kind of shit just shouldn’t have even been considered and that made me quite upset because a lot of people read this comic. Then Rick and Co. went and found Morgan? and ended up brutally murdering those cannibals if I recall right. I just thought that was so out of character and against what they would do. Then they found the place in Washington(new prison setup anyone?) then they get overrun by zombies and(when I stopped reading) I think there were hints at people invading. So I just got sick of reading it after those few things and the invasion thing just felt like rinse and repeat. People are going to come in, fuck some shit up, bunch of people will die and Rick and Carl will have to run away again. Thats what I thought at the time but I was hoping I was wrong.

Well, it turns out I was wrong…

Thoughts on 75-99 –

Having taken that long of a break from the comic and cooled down from those previous points I do have to say that these last few arcs, No Way Out, A Larger World, Something to Fear, I might be missing one, are quite refreshing and as usual good plotting, heavy on the social interaction/drama. I think the only way I’d ever read this comic again is to marathon read it after a build up like I’ve done because month to month I don’t think I’d like it. Each comic goes by so fast and honestly, still usually doesn’t cover much ground at all. I still stand by my “its like reading the script of a soap opera/drama” and add that one issue seems like it’d only be like 2-3, maybe 4 minutes of an hour long show because in some issues he’s floating between 3 couples inner dramas and thats a lot of page time and each issue is only 24 pages, well, like 20-22 after cover/inner.

Plot –

Same old… Like the prison but different.. I guess?

The plots again are realistic I think. I could see things going down like that in that world. I do wonder some days though that drama seems to follow Rick and Co. I mean would the group in Washington have been attacked or swarmed in Rick didn’t show up and start shooting people?

I did enjoy Andrea’s line in issue 99? about “We’ll see whoes curse is greater, mine if you die first or yours if I die first.” That was a good line and it’ll be interesting to see if she dies because Rick seems to have a trend of having relationships end on a bad note, but its Andrea.

I will say thats its really interesting to see The Hilltop thrown into the mix and the way he’s talking about it and I’m curious how that whole thing will go down because he is optimistic and if they did train 250 total people they could clear the area, expand and start rebuilding society and it’d be interesting to see how that will probably get messed up at some point.

Writing –

Honestly, I do think Kirkman is seeing his own trends and looking twice at them and making us second guess by switching it up. I will go on record as saying I do think he is overrated, but I do think though that he is a great writer.

Marathon reading this I have noticed that each issue seems to pick up exactly where the previous stopped and I do think thats genius but I also do think that the way Kirkman writes he just writes endless amounts of script at once and then edits the script to cut-off points. I do think the guy probably writes about 5-6 issues at once.

I will say that marathon reading this stuff I wish his arcs were longer and more drawn out as when it comes time for some actual action and people dying and group fighting going on, its only really ever like 2 issues. Most of his arcs are less then 6 issues, I’m guessing most are 4. I’d say about 3/4 of his arcs are build up then 1/4 resolution and slight after math. I’d just like to see more action and less relationship drama.

I do honestly think that Kirkman is predictable to a point like at one point in his letters column he was “jokingly” telling someone Ab was going to die and I knew it was true. Ab is an expendable when it comes to it and some shit was going down with Negan. It was a matter of time. Although I do think that Rick is being really stupid about his dealings with Negan. Two guys going 4 miles away with no truck when they just attacked Negan? Seriously? …. Just small things like that.

btw, I really hate the letters columns in The Walking Dead. I do think they should be using that like 4 pages for content. Never get good answers, always sarcasm and just a waste of ink imo.

Art –

I will tell you, Charlie Adlard does not get paid enough. I used to hate the guys art and I still think it has a rushed feel to it and I think I do feel a bit … cheated.. on the art side of things but I spent some time looking at it and I don’t think its bad. His characters are consistent. How he comes up with looks for the hundreds of zombies and new people I don’t know. Google Images search: People maybe? I hope he gets paid decently as he really does deserve at as he’s on one of the biggest comics and just told to push the shit out. I mean they were on a 2-3 week publishing run for awhile I guess?

Overall –

I still would not buy this comic but I will continue reading it. The hardest part, like last time, is stopping and letting my buffer grow because I do find myself wondering whats going on in their world. I do find myself wondering whats going to happen in 100. – PS The hype that was built up for issue 100…  entirely not worth it.  Kirkman blew the shot he had to make it something worthwhile.  He just pulled the same old…

I am refreshed after picking this run up and seeing things aren’t as I would’ve pictured.

I was looking for images for this post and came across this post over at Imgur.

It continues on for awhile…

Casanova Comic Review

Thoughts: I read what I believe are the first two “albums.” Issues 1-14. Written by Matt Fraction and art by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. He calls them albums instead of story arcs.

This is another one of those where I sat on it a long time, read the first couple pages a couple times and had a general idea of what it was about. Well I finally got to it and I can say that it stays about what I thought it was about for the first album or so, so the first 7 issues or so. Then it takes a turn and I think it takes yet another turn after that. This is all what I feel though because after like 6 issues I thought I knew the jist of what was going on and kind of how it was going to play out but things change in what I thought was an unexpected way and your still trying to figure the angles in your own head of where the author is going to go but I got to around issue 10 or so and I just stopped doing that because it got to be a bit pointless. Its a comic that has the premise of double-triple agent espionage type stuff and it follows through on that end and issues 1-7(called Luxuria) are pretty good as they are kind of missions that Casanova has to do but WASTE has a counter mission to do. So they are kind of like tv episodes and self contained stories that do carry over and I enjoyed these stories, for the most part. Continue reading Casanova Comic Review

Kay Pike, body paint artist and model.

I love the people that can build kick ass cosplay(not characters from the comic/movie because I din’t think that was that great of a thing but I meant just really good cosplay) but I gotta hand it to well crafted body painters because seriously, how can you not look at these pieces of art?  The sad part…  taking it off and resuming regular life…

This lady is name Kay Pike and has a youtube setup over here with all her videos.

Blankets Comic Review

2004 Harvey Award for Best Artist
2004 Harvey Award for Best Cartoonist
2004 Harvey Award for Best Graphic Album of Original Work
2004 Eisner Award for Best Graphic Album
2004 Eisner Award for Best Writer/Artist
2004 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Artist
2004 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Graphic Novel or Collection

Thoughts –

I don’t follow the Eisner’s that close but I do like reading up on who gets nominated as from the Eisner stuff I have read, most of its always been good reads. This is one of those.  Its a bit older but so are a lot of comics.  Not everything can be new.  I’ve read in late 1999, Thompson began work on the graphic novel, which was published three and a half years later in 2003. Thompson produced the books as a way of coming out to his parents about no longer being a Christian.

Plot –

Like the wiki says, its a coming of age tale. It doesn’t jump into it but it really does evolve into a love story and its also heavy on religion and how one can question it. I really don’t want to give anything away but when it comes down to it, this story is about a guy who has a religious upbringing and starts to question it all while falling in love for the first time, I believe. Its a slive of life autobiographical story and a well done one that just about everyone can probably relate to on some level.

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Comic Review – A God Somewhere by John Arcudi

Yup, he flies. Don’t they all?

Thoughts –

Hm. This one is kind of interesting. Its good, and interesting but the story line does jump a bit. Time doesn’t “evolve”, time flow is more like un-subtle jumps. Not bad though over all.

Plot –

Well… Theres a couple different things going on and when it comes down to it there are sort of two main characters and sort of two main stories going on at once and it kind of rotates between them. It can get kind of a bit confusing at times but not enough to be distracting really.

Insects, all of them.

The setup and grand scheme; You have a friend of two brothers. A black man, Sam and two blonde white guys who look a like and I confused who was who a couple times, Eric and Hugh. Some life stuff happens and back story explains that they helped save Sam’s butt from some racist jerks back in high school and friends ever since. Went to college together, etc. After maybe 15 pages or so Erics building explodes with, of course, no explanation. A bunch of people die, Eric is unscathed. It turns out thats how Eric gets his “super powers.” Thats also really the beginning of the story.

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Nimona By Noelle Stevenson Comic Review


__ Thoughts __

We have Nimona by Noelle Stevenson today.  I want to say that I read my run of Lumberjanes before coming into this book and shes had a hand in the writing team of Lumberjanes for most of its arcs.  Now, having said that I expected something a bit more wacky like Lumberjanes.  I thought I’d get a bit of that hipster vibe.  I really knew nothing about this book and I think I found it once again on the Eisner list.  I have to say though that this .. book.. is.. awesome.  At least for me.  Its not hipstery like Lumberjanes at all.  Its written with nice little touchs that give it an every day life flavor…  I’m getting ahead of myself…


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Lumberjanes Comic Series Review


So today we got a series called Lumberjanes written by Grace Ellis and Noelle Stevenson.  Most of all the art is by Brooke Allen.  Its published by BOOM! Studios if at all your looking for it.

__ Thoughts __

I first hear about this series when I was checking the Eisner nominated lists.  It ended up winning the Eisner for best new series and best publication for teens in 2015.  It looked promising so I thought I’d check it out.  I went and kind of marathon read the first 18 or so issues of this interesting and .. unique comic.  First I want to say that it has an interesting flavor.  Its very modern writing with a spunky all girl cast who get into all kinds of hijinx with world ending demi-gods and stealing bows from mythological beings.


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Comic Review: Morning Glories #1-14

I’ve been trying to catch up on some series I’ve got that I don’t really know much about. I’ve read issue one about two or three times now, once or twice long ago and once on this run in which I read them all. Not that that really means much.

Honestly? I watched the first two seasons of LOST(up to the point that a carrier shot a time tracking thing to the island, however far in that is). I can honestly only compare reading this series to watching LOST. Every issue adds a new mystery and honestly in all 14 issues, theres only like 2 minor questions answered, none of the stories really carry over so your not exactly sure what happened at the end of last issue(I could site examples but don’t want to give any spoilers since there are a lot twists).


The headmistress…

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Comic Review: Abbaitor

Abattoir #1

Details from Abattoir Cover #1

I’ve learned after a bit of reading is Abattoir is another word for a slaughterhouse and also a character in the Batman run during Knightfall I believe…  What I’m here for though is a horror comic. I would say Clive Barker-esque from what I’ve read of his stuff.

Snippet about the series –
“From director Darren Lynn Bousman comes a chilling supernatural tale set in the cold beauty of Middle America. After a brutal massacre takes place in a mansion, real estate agent Richard Ashwalt is assigned the impossible task of cleaning the blood-soaked grounds. When a twisted old man journeys to the house with a sinister and terrifying purpose, Richard is drawn into a web of shadows, murders and massacres that will shatter him to his very core… and make him run for his life.”

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Coated in Sugar! – Garsh.


Coated in Sugar – Alice!


Comic Review – Cubicles

I have to say this like 85 page b/w comic is a fun and quick read that feels just a tinge like Scott Pilgrims first GN(when imho, it was still good). I’d say it is anime inspired or whatnot.

The main guys are even named Wally and Ost, which I can only presume is a take on the authors name, Walter Ostlie. It works. This has a decent amount of imagination and pretty decent plot really which involves corporate takeover, space pirates, a space squid and universal domination none-the-less.

cubicles comic
Cubicles is about two dudes.. in space!

I love light little things like this for a transition read when I need to shift from some genre to a completely different one. Like serious to funny, or super hero to french survival or something.

Art wise, its not bad. Some of it looks like a sketch book and theres lots of action shots but I think its kind of funny when it comes to drawing women you can tell the guy takes just a bit longer to put some more details in. It did make those single panels stand out to me more which I think was a decent touch I guess. Not sure they were going for that, but anyways…

I would definitely read more from this guy and I appreciate the work of the people that do these scanlations. European comics that I’ve read are almost always pretty good. Definitely a lot more fantasy/sci-fi based tons less super-hero-ish stuff over there.

cubicles comic
Being chased by a space squid is the wurst!

Comic Review – Concrete

I’ve only read the first volume(issues 1-10) of Concrete by Paul Chadwick and I have to says its really original and it fit exactly the taste I was looking for at the time.

Well written, kind of noir-ish. A guy turns into an .. alien.. kind of thing and the government sponsors his travels and adventures. Its kind of like detective stories in that he starts out doing something and usually uncovers something. Its also kind of a (I forget the word) bad luck hero where he’ll come across something he really wants but loses it in the end due to circumstances. Like he pines after the biologist lady who has to follow him but he’s alien and I think shes got the hots for someone else kind of deal which adds to the stories appeals I think.

I will say that, for whatever reason, this comic book really made me want to climb the Himalaya’s and look into the history of it. It made me wonder if he’s been to Nepal or how much he’s read because he talks about shaving bark off the trees which makes sense.

Really good non super hero brand stories. Fairly older but I’ve heard Concrete might be coming back, Dark Horse Presents had an issue with a new story(which was also good) in the past year. Art is good. I do plan to read more of the series.

concrete comic art
Concrete Splash Art – IN YOUR FACE!

Comic Review – Fear Agent

So I’ve read Fear Agent(by Rick Remender and various artists including Tony Moore) over the last month or so and overall I have to says its pretty good and sometimes, pretty darned good except for, in my opinion, a bit of a lull for 2-3 issues around 7-10 or so.

If I could compare it to something a bit more mainstream I’d say the overall premise is something like Cowboy Bebop but in Fear Agent the plots revolve around more… situational events, like being thrown back in time or getting stuck on planets or something.

fear agent comic art
Beware the agent of fear… who will crash land on your planet and mess with your stuff.

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