Temple of Elemental Evil Map Pack #2

road_fork_evil road_fork_evil_night road_fork_night Temple of Elemental Evil, Level 1 Temple of Elemental Evil, Level 1-GM Temple of Elemental Evil, Level 2

Temple of Elemental Evil, Level 2-GM ToEE Fire Node-GM ToEE - Level 4-PC ToEE - Level 4-GM templegrounds-ps temple_random3 temple_random2 temple_random1 temple_grounds-original temple_gate2 ToEE Fire Node-PC ToEE Level 3-GM ToEE Level 3-PC toee_gates tower-original waterside_hostel-4a waterside_hostel-4b waterside_hostel-4c WatersideHostel_9_3 WatersideHostel_9_2 WatersideHostel_9_1 waterside-detail-4 waterside-detail-3 waterside-detail-2 waterside-detail-1 Waterside_Hostel-GRID waterside_hostel-4d WatersideHostel_9_4 WatersideHostel_9_5 WatersideHostel_9_6 WatersideHostel_9_7 WatersideHostel_9_8 WatersideHostel_9_9 WATERSIDE-HOSTEL-FINAL whirlpool-dark whirlpool-lightT

One thought on “Temple of Elemental Evil Map Pack #2”

  1. Hi. These are great. I’m currently running (and still designing) ToEE on Roll 20 and your maps of the lower dungeons are the first I’ve seen. Do you have plans to do the other 3 nodes? (earth, Air and Water)

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