38 Birds Eye Maps from Witcher 3

I haven’t had the time to really dig into doing this yet but I hope to eventually because the world they created in Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is just awesome.  I haven’t found many dungeons that work to well in table top but I haven’t really started exploring either.

So this is the first batch of Witcher 3 in game screenshots to use as combat maps or whatever you want to use them for.  Should be about 38 images in this batch.  Please note when you click the image you should be a little bi-line above the image with a little + magnifier on it.  Click that for the full image.

Also, if you have preferences fr any kinds of maps you’ll want just let me know and I can try to find something that will work.  Just leave a comment.

witcher3 2015-09-12 00-00-23-59

witcher3 2015-09-11 23-55-51-34

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